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From my Womb to my Heart: Emotional Healing for Women

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is related to your feelings of trust and acceptance, grief and loss, love for yourself, your family, your community, all that is. The Heart Chakra centers on the Universal love of compassion and the Divine Mother rather than sexual love.

Under patriarchy, women have been expected to open their hearts, and to be loving and trusting. But this compassion and vulnerability is then viewed with contempt. The objectification of women has led to decrease in their sense of self-worth, which is centered in the Heart. Women's values are based on the outward acceptance and is conditional on their performance as the "Ideal woman". Although in most countries, women are no longer legally considered the property of men, they are still treated as such, objects to be used and discarded once they are no longer desirable. Breasts are seen as the playthings of men rather than the nourishers of children. Women are often so busy serving the needs of others, they are not able to tend to their own needs, and this may lead to physical or emotional illness. Women continue to live in collective fear for their lives, of being abused, assaulted, raped or murdered. They are reviled for exhibiting their personal power or simply for being women. This inherent fear can lead to an accelerated pulse and panicked, shallow breathing, both of which may lead to serious medical issues. Women must constantly strive to reconcile the open Heart of compassion and the closed Heart of fear and protection.

The Heart Chakra envelops the lungs, the act of intentionally breathing in love may be very healing. A woman's breasts amplify the love which radiates outward from her Heart. Energy from the Heart Chakra also flows down the arms and hands. A woman can transform anyone who shares her embrace. A loving hug can be one of the simplest ways to open up the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra comes into balance when a Woman is both giving and receiving love. The act of forgiveness, both of self and of others, can bring tremendous healing.
Dancing can be an incredibly healing activity as it can open up and strengthen the Heart Chakra. When you dance from the Heart, you radiate joy, build self-confidence and enhance your capacity to love. Dancing can improve breathing and posture, and may even lead to weight loss. Dancing is a gift of love, love for yourself, and love for the Goddess.

Meditation - the Radiant Heart of Divine Love
Sit or lie in a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed and cast a protective circle.
Take several deep cleansing breaths, inhale love, exhale tension.

Focus on your Heart, notice how this area feels, is your pulse racing or slow, what is your breathing like, deep and relaxed, rapid and shallow? Are you experiencing discomfort in this area? What emotions come up for you?
Breathe soft pink light into your Heart Chakra, this light connects you with the light of the Divine Mother. Intend the swirling energies to flow around your heart, your breasts, send light into your lungs, your shoulders, down your arms and into your hands.

Notice the radiance surrounding your Heart, expand this light outward until your entire being is surrounded by pink light. Visualize the light growing larger, until it embraces the entire planet. Hug Mother Earth in your loving embrace. Feel Her unconditional love envelop you. Continue to expand your Heart light until the entire universe is filled with your love. Know and trust that you are in the presence of the Divine Mother. You are connected, Heart to Heart. Allow Her to embrace you, nourish you. You may remain in Her Loving embrace for as long as you need to. Divine Mother has a gift for you, perhaps a word, a phrase or an image. Accept Her gift in love, you may wish to give Her a gift in return, or simply offer a prayer of thanks and gratitude.

When you are ready, draw your radiance inward, back to your Heart space and know that you and the Goddess are forever connected in love.

Write a brief description of your experience, include any issues that you may wish to explore at a later time.

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