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From my Womb to my Heart: Emotional Healing for Women
Introduction to the course

This course is designed to provide women with the means to explore emotional issues in their lives within a safe and nurturing environment. The focus of the course will be on the Womb Chakra and Heart Chakra. These two Chakras align with the anatomical features that are the epitome of a woman's body, that is, the Womb, the Heart and the Breasts. These areas are where a womanís power emanates from. The Womb and Heart Chakras also tend to be out of balance in women due to the suppression of the Divine Feminine within patriarchal culture.

Under patriarchy, women truly are "less than" by the very fact that they must cut off a vital part of themselves. Women have been taught to suppress their rage at an unjust world. Not only are women discouraged from expressing anger and outrage, the culture actively denigrates, dismisses and even ignores women who do express these "unacceptable" emotions. Unexpressed emotions get turned inward, in the form of self-hatred.

The patriarchal standard inherent in our culture is that women must give unconditionally, from both womb and heart, in order to garner male approval or in order to be considered lovable. Women are expected to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Women are expected to sacrifice their time and energy in order to care for others. It often seems like women are the ones who carry all the stuff that others don't want to carry, both physical and emotional.

Women are made to feel shame and guilt for expressing their sexuality, or they are conditioned to ignore or inhibit their arousal. Women's sexual needs are rarely adequately met, yet they often feel obligated to meet the sexual needs of their male partners.

Women still tend to be the primary caregivers of their children as well as aging family members. They also still tend to do the majority of the cooking, cleaning and shopping for the family. There is an expectation that they be available for sex on demand. The emotional impact on women under patriarchy may lead to deteriorating mental/emotional health as well as manifesting as physical illness. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ob/gyn issues, back pain, cardiac problems and breast cancer are just a few of the illnesses that can occur when Womb and Heart Chakras are blocked. When a woman chooses the path of emotional healing, she consciously brings the Womb and Heart Chakras back into alignment with each other.

Guided Meditation to Bring Emotional issues to Consciousness

Cast your circle or prepare a sacred space where you will not be disturbed.
Place one hand over your Womb and one hand over your Heart.
Close your eyes and take several deep full breaths.

When you feel relaxed and comfortable, modify your respiration into a three-part breath.
First breathe into your Womb, then, move the breath upwards into your Heart. Slowly exhale. Do this three times or until you feel calm and centered.
Notice any feelings, sensations, images or words that may come up. Acknowledge them and let them go.

Ask your Womb what she has to teach you, notice what issues come forward, is there a memory or a strong feeling that accompanies the issue? Simply acknowledge, do not try to analyze or get caught up in the experience.

Move your focus to your Heart. Ask your Heart what she has to teach you, notice what issues come forward, is there a memory or a strong feeling that accompanies the issue? Simply acknowledge, do not try to analyze or get caught up in the experience.

Thank your Womb and Heart and slowly return to your body. Ground yourself and open the circle.

Write a brief description of your experience. If an emotional trigger came up for you, make a note of it, you may wish to explore it further as you progress through the course.

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