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From my Womb to my Heart: Emotional Healing for Women
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Womb Chakra

The Womb Chakra is related to sexuality and sensuality, desire, relationships, and creativity. There is a wildness of emotion here that has been repressed under patriarchy. The objectification of women has led to a tremendous disrespect toward women and their wombs. The legislation around women's reproductive rights and rape culture are just two of the ways this disrespect and hatred of women is perpetuated. The response from women is to turn the hatred back onto ourselves by holding shame and guilt within our wombs, by exhibiting disgust toward our Moon blood. Looking honestly at these feelings is the first step in emotional healing. Once acknowledged, the Womb Chakra can open and blossom, allowing a woman to access this incredible source of personal power.

The Womb Chakra differs from the Sacral or Second Chakra. It is a Chakra that is specific to women born of women. We, as women, can follow the Path of the Womb through our foremothers all the way back to the First Womb, the Womb of the Great Mother. Women have a direct connection to the creative energies of the Universe which they can access at any time. When women gather together in a circle, they create a collective womb within which to heal, nurture and create as one.

The womb embodies all three facets of Goddess: the creativity of the Maiden, the nurturing of the Mother, the dissolution of the Crone. Women honour the Goddess when they honour their own Moon cycles. With the onset of menopause, whether it is naturally occurring or medically induced, there is no longer a need for physical manifestations of Goddess. The Wise Blood is in fact the awakened consciousness of the Divine Mother. Rather than viewing menopausal women with contempt, we need to be celebrating these living embodiments of Goddess.

The Womb Chakra is the source of a woman's power and it is essential that she honour this sacred space. The colour associated with the Womb Chakra is, naturally, the red of Moon blood. The Womb Chakra can be stimulated through self-care, loving touch or sexual intimacy with a loving partner. Pilotes and Belly Dance focus loving attention on this core area. It is not surprising that many women have neglected this area, and it can be one of the weakest parts of our bodies. Those exercises, which strengthen the area, free up energy which can then be used for emotional healing.

Exercise- Releasing Emotional Blocks

Find a safe place, preferably outdoors where you are not going to be disturbed.

Lie face down. Rearrange your clothing so that your Womb is in direct contact with the Earth. Lie in stillness; connect the pulse within your Womb with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Think about what you would like to birth into existence in your life right now. What emotional blocks are preventing you from attaining your goal?

Breathe deeply into your Womb Chakra and allow emotions to rise up. Surrender to the emotions, feel them fully, and name them.

As you breathe in, visualize your Moon blood enveloping emotional blocks and moving them through your Womb and into Mother Earth.

Now you have space within you to create what you desire. Allow your Heart to support your Womb as you birth your intention into reality.

Give thanks to Mother Earth.

Write a brief description of your experience. Make a note of any triggers that may come up in order to explore further.

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